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Caribe Hospitality

Caribe Hospitality is a Swiss hospitality service provider and operates Hotels and Restaurants in the Caribbean. It is also specialized in the event organisation, catering and party service.

Caribe Hospitality provides a wide array of gastronomical services with a special focus on the management of restaurants and hotels as well as catering and party service in Cuba. The company offers event organisation as well the prospection of event locations and consultancy and project developments. In addition, services are provided in recruiting and hiring staff.

The largest country in the Caribbean has a bright future in tourism. However, there is a large deficit in touristic infrastructure in the entire country. If the USA ceases its travel ban in the next years, a rapidly growing number of American tourists is to be expected, making a quick expansion of gastronomy and hotel infrastructure capacities more than necessary.

Services and offers

The following projects were completed for our clients:

site analysis and consultation about special gastronomic and touristic situations in Cuba
development and consultation for a corporate identity and logo
creation of a master plan for a privately-owned Bed&Breakfast chain

Caribe Hospitality offers:

hotel- and restaurant management
service provider in consultancy and procurement
project development
recruiting and training of hospitality staff
organisation and execution of events
procurement of locations, furnishing, music and show acts
organisation of weddings, anniversaries, family and company events
party services and home delivery

Hotel Management

Caribe Hospitality operates Boutique Bed & Breakfasts in key destinations in Cuba.

The company focuses on small, locally positioned and urban accommodations at extraordinary locations. Each in itself is unique and full of history, embossed with passionate and straightforward hospitality. The Boutique Bed & Breakfasts are an ideal choice for travellers who like to discover cities full of domestic architecture and cultural live. Each Boutique Bed & Breakfast maintains its independence and individuality. The properties are an oasis of tranquillity, distinctive, discreet and friendly; telling the traveller its own history during the stay.

The primary focus of Caribe Hospitality is the guest focus. The company enjoys the reputation to show their guests a friendly and smiling face. A positive influence and constructive collaboration among the employees is found in all establishments. As a small Swiss enterprise, these are the key elements to secure company growth and to yield positive resuluts for the investors.

Today Caribe Hospitality operates the 10 room Boutique Bed & Breakfasts „Loft Habana“ in Havana and the „Mansion Alameda“ in Trinidad.

Consulting and Procurement

Caribe Hospitality offers a professional consulting on the chosen project determined by the clients. It is the objective that the client will receive a final product ready to use without any additional efforts.
As consultants we connect between between the individual stakeholders, be it supplier, owner or client.

Project development

Caribe Hospitality develops and analyses Hotel development potentials. We offer to owners and investors flexible development plans and supports it with positive yield contracts. Alteration and reconstruction is a realistic alternative for existing hotels and unused structures to revitalize and to offer a second life circle. We advise with our European know-how and Swiss quality investors, hotel owners and newcomers alike.

Recruiting and training of staff

Caribe Hospitality plans and organises trainings for hotel- and restaurant employees. These trainings help to improve the individual behaviour, service, quality and standard of the employee. Together with the European know-how and the Swiss quality we provide a cross-cultural exchange and therefore the service level the hospitality are being improved.