Caribe Real

Development of real estate projects

Caribe Real

Caribe Real is a Swiss company that develops real estate projects in the hospitality sector and creates financial models for real estate and its strategic leadership in the Caribbean Sea.

Caribe Real is primarily involved in the development of real estate projects in the hospitality sector in the Caribbean Sea. Tourism is the future for many countries in the Caribbean Sea. There is sometimes a large deficit in tourist infrastructure. Due to the growth, demand for additional capacity arises. Caribe Real knows the local conditions and focuses on the regional sustainable development of small boutique bed and breakfasts as well as the expansion of catering and hotel infrastructure capacities.

Services and offers

The following services are carried out for our clients:

 Location Study  and consultation on the specific gastronomic and tourist situation of the country
Development and consultation in determining the corporate identity and the logo
Creation of the overall concept

Caribe Real offers:

Remodeling and Renovation
Property Management 
client representation
Estimates, Valuations
Buy and Sell

project development

Caribe Real designs and realizes the creation of Boutique Be & Breakfasts in destinations within key markets in the Caribbean Sea.

Caribe Real develops and analyzes hotel development potential. It offers owners and investors flexible development plans and supports them with positive return agreements. Conversion offers a realistic alternative to re-inventing existing hotels, as well as unused buildings that are in difficulties, and providing a second life cycle. Together with the European skills and the Swiss quality we advise investors, individual hotels and gastronomy companies as well as newcomers.