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01.09.2019 – Individual Journeys with Latin America Tours
Article about Reto D. Rüfenacht and Latin America Tours in the current edition of the Edelweiss Travel Magazine (September to November 2019).

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24.01.2018 – Latin America Tours develops revolutionary digital travel planner
In an Interview Reto Rüfenacht, founder of Latin America  Tours, talks about the new booking tool and the cooperation with the Company Nezasa.

01.07.2017 – Cuba: Hot Flirt with capitalism
Cuba and the capitalism stand for nearly 60 years at war with each other. After the former US-President Barack Obama lifted some of the sanctions against Cuba, there seems to be a sort of thawing in this dictatorial regime in this Latin American nation. Still the governmental prescribed planned economy of Raul Castro exists. However, socialism is disintegrating. Cubans may own property and establish private companies. In addition, the easing of the relations towards the USA results in a massive increase in tourists. Foreign corporations are entitled to engage in large projects, mainly in the field of hospitality. Nevertheless, the government still has control over everything and is cashing in everywhere.

17.08.2016 – The founder in an interview –
Reto D. Rüfenacht is the founder and president of Caribbean Tours. The Destination Management Company arranges tours and ground services to Tour operators and Travel Agencies for Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic an. Since more than 26 years is Rüfenacht in the business with Latin America.

16.08.2015 – Havana is booming – Blog Cuba Real Tours
After 54 years the American Embassy in Havana has been reopened again. Present as a special invitee, was also the Swiss foreign minister Didier Burkhalter.

23.02.2015 – Cuban Roulette –
Trips to Cuba have been increased steadily since the USA has opened for diplomatic talks with the former arch-enemy Cuba. This should be a reason for delight for foreign Tour operators like the Swiss Reto Rüfenacht.  An «ECO»-Report shows however how difficult it is, to do business in Cuba.

06.02.2015 – Traumreise nach Kuba für zwei –
Begeben Sie sich auf den Spuren der limitierten Grand-Cru-Linie «Cuba – auténtica colección de trufas gran cru» von Sprüngli auf eine zweiwöchige Reise auf die revolutionäre karibische Insel oder gewinnen Sie einen der weiteren verführerischen Preise!

05.12.2012 – travel INSIDE – Schweizer Fachzeitung für Touristik
Reto Rüfenacht snachtes Hotelplan mandate for the caribbean. The whole Caribbean product of Hotelplan Suisse will be compiled and arranged by Cuba Real Tours and Dom Rep Tours.

01.01.2012 – The train of sugar king (Hershy Train) – Der Tagesspiegel
The American Milton Hershey once built in Cuba a railroad and a model town. A Swiss will now revive both.

21.11.10 – Cuba Libre – A Swiss heading towards a new Cuba – cash TV (Swiss TV)
Special edition of the Swiss business magazine cash TV about Swiss entrepreneurs on Cuba with a detailed background report about Cuba Real Tours, owner Reto D. Rüfenacht, the Hershey train and other projects.

05.09.2011 – Culture in Cuba is inexhaustible – Attika – Schweizer Touristik Ausgabe 17/11
Interview with Reto.D. Rüfenacht, founder and owner of Cuba Real Tours. With his company is his yearlong knowledge of Sout America he is good in business. Now he heads also for the Dominican Republic..

26.01.2011 – A pioneer from Zurich – attika – Lifestyle Magazin
The Bacardi building is one of the most famous properties in Havana. Built in 1930 as the headquarters of the rum dynasty, it now houses the offices of Cuba Real Tours.

11.07.2010 – Chilling in Stäfa, dreaming of cuba – SonntagsZeitung
Caribbean-pioneer Reto D. Rüfenacht owns the largest private travel agency on Castro’s island and has even bigger plan for the future.

13.05.10 – Reto D. Rüfenacht returns to Tour Operating – travel INSIDE
The Latino-founder is trying his hand at tour operating with Cuba Real Tours and LAT Consulting.