Suites Billini

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


Three adjoining historical buildings in the Zona Colonial of Santo Domingo shall be combined through renovation and restoration. Integration of the properties and buildings and extension to office space and apartments for long-term rent. The project includes conceptualisation and design.


The properties have an ideal location, both trafficwise and from the touristical point of view. All major sightseeing spots are nearby and still the street is very quiet. The Padre Billini street belongs to the prestigious streets in Zona Colonial. Many apartment buildings and Boutique hotels are nearby.

Property 1: Casa Johannes

Only a few of the more ordinary houses in the Zona Colonial have these characteristics. The porch that comes with columns and a gallery behind is very extraordinary. The layout of the courtyard is typical with a longish Patio and the individual rooms to the side. The structure is definitely remarkable worth preserving.

Property 2: Casa Jordi

A plain front with a dominant roof cornice and balustrades. The structure of the building is more solid because some areas have been already rebuilt. Most of the area can be used and converted. Nice and large Patio and garden in the back.

Property 3: Casa Billini

It’s location is also towards the Padre Billini street and is adjoining to Casa Jordi, only a inner Patio is separating. The main front needs to be rebuilt as well as the inner part of the house. There are some large trees in the shady garden in the back.


  • Consolidation of properties for best possible use of space available
  • Construction of office for a Destination Management Company
  • Development of “serviced apartments” or “business-suites” that can either be sold or rented on a long term basis.

It is emphasized that each apartment has a nice reference to an outdoor area and they are divided into three stories. Therefore Duplex Loft style apartments with large terraces are possible.