Taino Holding

All activities and assets of the group of companies are bundled in the TAINO Holding.

LAT Consulting

LAT Consulting offers tailor made services in the tourism and hospitality industry. Our clients are Tour Operators, hotels, service suppliers and providers.

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Caribbean Tours

Caribbean Tours is one of the leading Destination Management Companies in Cuba and Hispanolia.

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Latin America Tours

Latin America Tours is an independent Tour Operator for tailor made individual tours to Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua and to most countries in South America.

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Caribe Hospitality

Caribe Hospitality is a Swiss hospitality service provider and operates Hotels and Restaurants in the Caribbean. It is also specialised in the event organisation, catering and party service.

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Caribe Real

Caribe Real develops real estate projects in the hospitality sector and creates financial models for real estate in the Caribbean.

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Tocororos promotes the development and realisation of real estate projects in the Caribbean with the priority on Cuba as well as the strategic management.

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